“We ordered the whole world” – Hilda Baci says as she spends N1.1M on lunch with her besties (Video)


Popular Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci has become one of the very few women to spend over N1M on a lunch with her besties.

After church on Sunday, May 21st, Chef Hilda Baci who recently breaks the Guinness World Record after cooking for over 100 hours 40mins as a single individual had a lunch outing with her besties in style.

They were over six folks comprising of a male and females. The lady in the background jocularly remarked that they ordered the whole world. 

The receipt, made public by her friend, showed some of the things they ordered, which included spaghetti, jollof rice and tequila. 

She said Hilda cleared the bill singlehandedly and paid a whopping N1.1 million. Mixed reactions trailed the video.

Watch the video below;

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See reactions below;

___matino’:  people die everyday why u all acting like something is going on nollywood.

umu_emerole:  This man has been very sick since 2021 calling people for help. They all ignored him and now they are telling the whole world about his death “after a brief illness” liver and kidney failure is brief illness abi?

wendy_okorie: Una Dey always use the word brief…Do you know how long the person has been ill.

cre8tivejummy:  This prophet that saw something to edochie family said this about Nollywood ooo. May God help us all…

bezo_hassani___: The igbos must be very happy about this since he’s Yoruba.

igbo_prince1:  Hilda sef na fool. So she won a cooking challenge so she can go to someone else’s kitchen and eat something of 1m that Sha can prepare for herself and her friends for less than 200k. Nawa o. I wonder how we think in this Nigeria. Spending money unnecessarily thinking it’s a hype.

splendstar:  I initially thought this Hilda is a poor man daughter that initially took up this challenge to break shackles ….. it was after all the record breaking news that I’m even getting to know she’s among the Lagos big babes running moves with celebrities…. the revelations after the cookathon is much. congrats to her. 🙌.

ify_oma1:  Some people are so daft. If you’re on her snap, this is what they do every Sunday…she and her friends hang out for brunch after service and one person pays the bill…moral lesson avoid broke friends like me 😂😂.

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