Tunde Ednut wants me to go to jail because he’s owing me money – Seun Kuti (Video)



Seun Kuti, the son of the legendary Afrobeats musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, recently revealed the reason behind blogger Tunde Ednut's lack of online support following his arrest by the police.

Seun Kuti, a nominee for the prestigious Grammy Awards, stated that Tunde Ednut holds a grudge against him and wishes for him to be imprisoned because of an outstanding debt.

As previously reported by Intel Region, Seun Kuti was detained at Panti in Lagos but was later released after spending eight days in custody. The arrest took place after he publicly slapped a police officer in Lagos.

Seun Kuti expressed his disappointment in discovering that Tunde Ednut had turned his back on him, despite warnings from others. Seun Kuti pointed out that Tunde Ednut is the only blogger who has direct access to his contact information.

Furthermore, Seun Kuti disclosed that Tunde Ednut has owed him for the past two years. Initially, Tunde Ednut was supposed to create 10 posts for Seun Kuti, but since then, he has only managed to publish one.

Seun Kuti referred to Tunde Ednut as a hypocrite and anticipates the release of his upcoming project, as it will compel the blogger to promote his work. Seun Kuti also mentioned that he would require Tunde Ednut to publish up to 20 posts for him to compensate for the long-standing debt.

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o_.cephas:  You Dey play he don post you morf than 10 time when you Dey cell 🥵.

grace_amazon_12:  How much you get that he is owning you. Just asking ooh.

alice5555589:  Tunde Ednut hyp0crisyy no be here but Nigerians no the Gree tell him bcs they depend on him like say na him be God or only blogger Wey the blow person 😂😂😂 He blocked me Bcs I said the truth me Wey no kuku the follow him before 😂.

abdulafeezbaba:  True be told this TUNDE no just get s@nse at all he no like wizkid and he no con like sehun too ok.

adelolakola:  This guy can never make sense to me.

itzbastv:  Na true be say person wey dey cell no fit know who dey fight for am, Tunde don posted this bros more than 10 times before.

millie___drc: Honestly speaking I love the fact tunde help 👏 but truth be told his post about this guy when he was arrested is bad it’s so fast like you will see the hatred in his post ? He no go ever post where police Dey harrass youth you are a good person to people doesn’t mean you will make heaven oo if you Dey hate I’m not judging don’t misunderstand if we see truth make we talk.

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