Janemena walks in as Korra Obidi tries to twerk for her hubby in their bedroom – [Video]


Korra Obidi and Janemena, two well-known dancers and close friends, delight their fans with their hilarious antics.

In a recent video shared on social media, Korra Obidi walked into Janemena’s bedroom and met her husband, Mr Piles.

She gave a nice response when he asked her how the video session went and then started twerking in front of him while wearing a skimpy outfit.

Janemena soon appeared and screamed at Korra Obidi, telling her that she was present and that she can’t take her husband away from her.

In her defense, Korra Obidi insisted that she had no desire to steal Janemena’s husband.

The video has been widely shared and has elicited humour among fans.

The singers caption, “Janemena I come in peace,” further adds to the humour of the situation.

Korra Obidi is currently shooting her recently released single ‘Obi’ music video with Janemena in Asaba, Delta State.

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