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Many people ask what infinity means, because this word is heard quite often in several ways, including in financial services such as OJK. Infinity is also often found in mathematics.

In Indonesia, infinity is more often called by its Indonesian name, which is infinity. With this name, you will remember that there is a very familiar math symbol for infinity, which is similar to the number eight which looks sideways (∞).

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Definition of Infinity

The symbol (Pi) π is an Example of Infinity

Use of the Infinity Name in Financial Services

Infinity Financial Services Authority (OJK).

UOB Infinity from UOB Indonesia

Definition of Infinity

In general, infinity means an abstract concept that is used to describe something that is unlimited or endless. The term infinity is very important in the fields of mathematics, cosmology, computing, art and physics. 

In addition, infinity can also be said to represent something that is not limited or something that is bigger than its natural number or real number . The infinity symbol , which is sometimes referred to as the lemniscate , was introduced by John Walls who was a priest and mathematician in 1655.

The symbol (Pi) π is an Example of Infinity

Besides the lemniscate (∞), the symbol Pi (π) is also an example of infinity in the world of mathematics. Mathematicians use the symbol Pi because it is impossible to write down an entire number with an infinite number of digits. 

At school, the number Pi is often rounded up to 3.14 or the longer 3.14159. Even though the original value of Pi, if you have to write it as a whole, there will be no ending. 

Use of the Infinity Name in Financial Services

In addition to fields related to infinity , several financial services in Indonesia use the word infinity for their names. For example, OJK Infinity and UOB Infinity services . Both of these services were launched recently, just a few years back.

The word infinity in the name of a community service can have a special meaning. Usually, the name of the service will describe more or less what the service is about.

Infinity Financial Services Authority (OJK).

OJK Infinity was inaugurated in August 2018. The name infinity on this service is actually an abbreviation, not a real name. OJK Infinity stands for OJK Innovation Center for Digital Financial Technology . 

OJK Infinity has the goal of building a fintech ecosystem to become part of the national financial system that is beneficial to society and encourages economic growth in Indonesia.

In launching OJK Infinity at the time, Wimboh Santoso said that through OJK Infinity , the fintech industry was expected to be able to provide innovative, effective and efficient financial services while still prioritizing consumer protection.

In addition, OJK Infinity also functions as a forum for discussion and collaboration between industry, government, regulators, academics and other parties. The Fintech Center also has three functions in its role in the discussion.

Facilitating the regulatory sandbox and balancing innovation activities with consumer protection.

Acting as an innovation hub for a development of the Digital Finance Industry and the development of the Digital Finance Industry ecosystem as a whole.

To become a good and trusted education center for financial service providers, consumers, and academics who will become activists for the Digital Finance Industry as future actors in the Indonesian economy.

In carrying out all these functions, OJK Infinity Indonesia will cooperate in terms of exchanging information and resources with various stakeholders. Stakeholders are parties who will help and influence each other as economic actors in the Digital Finance Industry.

UOB Infinity from UOB Indonesia

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) Indonesia launched UOB Infinity in 2021. UOB Infinity means a digital platform that enables business people to manage their banking needs in ways that are simpler, smarter, and can be tailored to their needs. 

Apart from Indonesia, UOB Infinity was also launched in Singapore and 10 other countries in Southeast Asia. The latest platform from UOB services is more specifically for corporate and SME customers, one of which is offering a customizable dashboard so that customers can view financial information in real time .

Wong Kartyono as Head of Transaction Banking UOB Indonesia has stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has driven the growth of digitalization in meeting customer needs. 

Therefore, through UOB Infinity they want to commit to developing digital solutions that enable customers to carry out banking activities more comfortably and easily.

UOB Inifnity Indonesia has various advantages that will benefit and make it easier for customers. Here are some of the advantages available at UOB Infinity .

The UOB Infinity platform provides a dashboard that can be customized according to customer needs and real-time financial information , such as transaction status, pending transactions, and other information about customer accounts.

Customers can manage various inter-domestic and inter-country banking activities. From checking UOB accounts in other countries to making local and international payments. All transactions will be carried out comfortably and on a single platform.

It has combined the BI-FAST feature which will make it easier for customers to make domestic payments in real time at lower rates.

Offers widget and shortcut features to help customers complete transactions more quickly.

Infinity means something that is not limited, as well as the world's economy has no limits. Therefore, the use of the word infinity in financial services is quite reasonable and appropriate. In addition, this limitless economy requires humans to be able to manage their finances well.

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