I thank God I’m still alive and my son is doing well – Wizkid’s father (Video)


Alhaji Miniru Olatunji Balogun, the father of popular Nigerian singer Wizkid in a recent interview gives thanks to God for giving him a glorious son like the Grammy Award winner.

Wizkid father in his statement during the interview said that he came to Lagos in the year 1972 and at that time there was no light in Alaba.

Speaking about his contribution to the growth of Alaba, Wizkid’s father utters that he used his influence to make Nepa to do the survey of the whole Alaba and gave them light.


He said the he mapped out, draft and sketch the whole Alaba, presented it to the Nepa board, and was approved. He added that 2 weeks later they gave the whole Alaba light in 1972.

Shedding more light on his personality, Wizkid’s father said he is the baba adeen of Alaba central mosque and former APC chairman for 14 years.

He concluded by giving thanks to God for being alive till date and his son,Wizkid is still doing well in life.

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mc_shortman91: Congratulation will be ur next name if u touch this like bottom amen 🙏.

endylight1: When our Stars begin to shine, May our parents not be absent. Amen.

fresh.main:  God pls keep my parents alive so they will see me win Big 🙏. AMEN.

_deagram: Wizkid’s father had an amazing career path tho by listening to what he said. I enjoyed watching this video. The man is still strong.

mimzgirlie: The prayer of every parent is see thier children prosper. May we live long to enjoy our fruits 🙏.

ifesalakoofficial: No wonder Wizkid would be forming neutral when it’s election time. Diddy and other greater stars contribute to the political narrative of their country. Superstars can do more to help their nation than just dishing out music and making money from the people.

paulworduma:  A man decided to take it upon himself to make Yaba have light. I’m certain people prayed for him for this act, so I’m not surprised that his son is a light, inspring so many young Nigerians.

yunglord_ksbn: This man wiz never gree from beginning. But now the man now understand that God’s plans is the highest and correct plans. This man Wiz always disagree. The man never support his music career at the beginning. Only his mother. The man want wizkid to be come a graduate. But Wiz refuse to listen. He was desperate to be came a mega super star. Wiz sacrifice days and years in the street and studio, instead of university. The man try his best to bend Wiz. But no. We thank God for today. The man love him, that’s why his trying harder to make sure he went to school. But God plans his the best. Drop two times for two different schools. Bcus book no dey baba agenda 😂😂😂 when you succeed you’ll be came number child in the family. Forget about the papers that others aquire.

switamakavita: Wizkid didn’t even bother to explain to people saying he is from a poor home cause he knows where he is from..for e mind anything una like una talk..wiz need to be studied.

moponz: He made the whole ALABA have light , and the people in ALABA prayed for him 1972 , then God later blessed his home with a superstar wizkid to bring light to the whole Nigeria …❤️❤️❤️(. If you comment rubbish under this I will block your mom!).

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