I have been cooking for about 17 years – Chef Hilda Baci says as she reveals the most difficult dish to prepare (Video)

Chef Hilda Baci, a renowned Nigerian chef, recently shared that she has accumulated 15 to 17 years of cooking experience. In an interview with Pulse, the 27-year-old CEO of "My Food By Hilda" from Akwa-Ibom state discussed her culinary journey.

Just a few days ago, Hilda Baci gained significant online attention for breaking a Guinness World Record. She accomplished a remarkable feat by cooking continuously for 100 hours and 40 minutes as an individual.

During the interview, when asked about her favorite dish, Hilda Baci revealed that her restaurant's native rice holds that distinction, making it their best-selling item.

Expanding on her culinary preferences, Hilda Baci mentioned that her favorite dish to prepare is Afan soup. However, she admitted that her least favorite dish to prepare is epkangkwukwo due to the excessive effort required in its preparation.

In addition, Hilda Baci highlighted three indispensable kitchen tools she cannot do without: a good-quality pot, a sharp knife, and a sturdy chopper.

You can watch the video below for more insights:

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kella_thetechdj: That ekpangkwukwo has work true true but it’s very nice if prepared properly.

benbills007: Like her signature hairstyle,she always look cute with it.

imabongsamu:  The work for that ekpang ehn. It’s a whole family on hands food.

itz_romainepresh:  I love hilda😍😍I’ll visit her restaurant soon😍😍😍.

gold_nah:  Ekpang is our general enemy 😂😂but it’s very sweet.

sommiefied:  Her Restaurant Native rice is the banger 😍😍😍.

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