Goodbye earth – Canadian singer The Weeknd causes stir online as he shares cryptic post


Popular Canadian singer and songwriter, The Weeknd recently caused a stir online following his recent post on social media.

The Weeknd whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye born in Toronto says goodbye to the planet Earth.

The 33-year-old singer made this shocking revelation to all and sundry via his verified Twitter handle on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023.


The Weeknd is well known globally for his 2016 nostalgic album dubbed, Starboy and by extension has become a highly marketable brand name following his hit songs.

As at the moment of filling this report, The Weeknd is not in a committed relationship with anyone and is worth $300 million.

The Weeknd tweeted; “goodbye earth…”

As expected, the Canadian singer’s post has generated mixed reactions among netizens, while some claimed that she might be going through depression, others stated that he might want to release a new song. See opinions below;

murphtravelwithme: This is what happens to people when they sell there soul to the devil 👿 because they know they gonna die soon after having the fame and money

priscillia_oluchi_: Life is hard mehn! To everyone out there going through things behind their control, things they can’t share for the fear of being mocked or ridiculed, May God come through for y’all. The storm is almost calmed. Your life matters . Your story matters. Your feeling matters. You matter. You shall smile again.❤️.

sauceprince1: This isn’t something to joke about. He might really be going through something hard at the moment. Then again, The weekend is known for doing strange things, most especially his MUSIC VIDEOS. (He has this weird ways of doing things in his own ways). So it’s hard to tell if he’s sincere about this kinda post or it’s just CONTENT as he is known to be very CREATIVE. Either ways, Big man, DON’T GO YET. I wan Feature YOU 😢😢😢. Please STAY STRONG. 😔

iam_bmodel: Abeg oh. Not again. E be like say money no dey solve everything now oh. We love you bro, don’t die yet oh😔

drealladychy: Someone check on him pls! So many people f*gating secret battles, may God come through for them 🙏🏻 🙌🏾.

digga_famous: He’s just high af! He needs to change his dealer Frfr.

kins4real: Probably he’s relocating to the Mars or trying to see whether people around him really care….. It doesn’t necessarily mean he want to Kpai himself, anyways his loved ones should check on him.

kizzyservicehubltd: We battle with a lot in the secrecy of the dark – please be kind to the people you meet today.

mrs_ogyn: It’s always the ones u least expect, the ones who look happy, the ones who seem to have things going well for them🤦🏽‍♀️ May God help us

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