Fuel Subsidy: Tinubu is not our problem, we are the ones doing ourselves – BBNaija’s Tacha (Video)


In a recent video, Tacha, a former housemate from BBNaija 2019, expressed her opinion that the new president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is not the country's main problem, but rather the citizens themselves. Tacha shared this viewpoint through her verified Instagram page while responding to the ongoing discussion about the removal of fuel subsidies following Tinubu's inauguration.

The elimination of fuel subsidies has led to fuel scarcity, causing additional issues such as long queues at filling stations and increased prices of food items nationwide.

According to Tacha, certain business owners in the fuel marketing industry deliberately hoard fuel and simultaneously raise prices from N200 to N500 or even more, taking advantage of the president's intention to remove fuel subsidies in order to improve the lives of Nigerians. She expressed her belief that these actions by fuel marketers make life difficult for Nigerians, highlighting a lack of love and a prevalent mindset of seeking opportunities to exploit others.

Tacha further asserted that until Nigerians change their mindset and attitude, the country will not progress. She concluded by stating that even if Jesus were to lead Nigeria, Nigerians themselves would still create obstacles for positive change.

Tacha accompanied the video with the caption;  “Tinubu is NOT The problem.” Watch the video below;

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miracle_lovejoy:  Lol, why are you blaming the filling stations??? The next market price after the subsidy na you go pay for them??? Blame the person that caused tension with that subsidy, this country is now survival of the fittest and everyone is looking for opportunities.

moyoolalekan:  Tacha you are wrong here that’s as a leader you should be mindful of your communication style when delivering an important speech to a Nation that’s at a fragile stage cos whatever you say becomes like a law. Yes we could say this was a misrepresentation of information but that was what the masses understood by “Fuel Subsidy Gone!“

bonnevielagos:  I just hate this “na we Dey do ourselves” narrative sha. If we have a govt that enforce every fvcking law to the least and not just carry the ones wey concern them and their families for head people will not have the guts to do rubbish. Impunity is a result of government who don’t give a fuck about laws and the people except when the thing touch them, their families or their businesses. And that’s why everybody do anyhow and get away with it because Dey know nobody will do jack to them. No be we Dey do ourselves, na government wey no send us.

_officialjay22: Why the man talk am??????? As a leader, e no suppose know say eim citizens get how dem dey reason????

walt_consult:  It’s still failure of government my dear. If you create same opportunity in US, UK, etc same thing will happen if the government is as irresponsible as what we have here. People should stop making excuses for Govt please.

psalme_asi: What happen to law enforcement? My dear don’t blame people for government responsibility, let the government set up an agency to inspect those hoarding fuel, we won’t do that for them, Abi road safety to catch car without particulars? Nepa no cut light of those wey no pay bill, then let the government set up an agency to lock up filling station hoarding fuel, that’s not the job of a common Nigeria with 1 million responsibilities already, stop blaming Nigerians, the government is quick to set up enforcement agency when it make them revenue, let them do the same.

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