“Where una dey see OBO?” – Lady shares happy moment as she meet Davido for the 1st time, video trends (Watch)


A beautiful Nigerian lady, identified as Moyo, could not contain her excitement when she met Davido for the first time

The lady shared the moment via her TikTok handle, @moyoreigns, as she captured Davido walking into a bar. 

In the video attracting attentions online, the ‘Unavailable’ crooner passed and tapped a lady many believed to be her.

Seconds into the video, the lady captured the moment the singer sat at a corner of the bar, chilling with his men.

Calling Davido, love of her life, she captioned, “Met the LOML today.” 

Social media users who watched the video said if Davido ever tapped their back, they would frame their dresses.

While many wished to meet the singer, some claimed that the lady met a fake Davido not the real one.

Some reactions are shown below:

Gabriel Oluchi said, “Awwww I wish say na me em tap like that.” Chaberry said: “U ghat frame that hand wey e tap u.”

Niri said, “Omo if it was me he tapped I’ll just faint.”

Freshyosaloka41 said, “Everybody just dey see davido na were ona dey see am make i fly come.”

prettyella 51 said, “God when I go see Davido.”

Slim beauty said, “If na me e touch i for don meant.” 

yar babanta said, “If na me ee tap i no bath again.”

Dammybeautyworld said, “The way he tap u like u guys have been friends for long is so sweet.”

Blessed deniz said, “This guy Dey waka too much.”

Zitajulieth said, “Where Una Dey see 001 like this?”

Gloh_reah said, “Abeg drop this location…I don baff.”

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