“People Worship Money Ooo” Disgusted Netizens Reacts as Man Bows To Kiss Billionaire, E-Money’s Hands And Feet


Netizens are angry and disgusted as man bows to kiss billionaire, E-Money’s hands

The man was spotted in the viral video bowing to the billionaire as he kissed his feet and hand

The same man also went ahead to declare how much he loved the billionaire

A Nigerian man has left many disappointed after doing the unexpected to billionaire, Emeka Okonkwo better known as E-Money.

In a video making rounds, the man was seen bowing to the billionaire as he kissed his feet and hand.

He declared how much he loved the billionaire and how he has been stalking him for weeks.

Speaking in his dialect (Igbo), he sang the praises of E-Money.

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The video, however, has elicited mixed reactions as many faulted him for bowing to his fellow man.

One Guddy Beauty affirmed, “No matter my circumstances. Goodness can never do this to a man if not my creator

One Melvo Official wrote, “That’s not a sign of loyalty or respect though

One Rubymone wrote, “Men, na so una dey do with una fellow men?

One Iam_zaiiiii wrote, “It has been officially proven people worship money more than God himself. Sad reality

One Raquel’s Gallery wrote, “Hope y’all can see how ken behave when they’re with their fellow men with money? They’re worse than women

One Ubauju wrote, “See a person’s future husband disgracing himself

One Sean Frizzle wrote, “But the man no fit do that for him, pastor

It isn’t surprising to see the man bow to E-Money as he has become well-known for his generosity.

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