Music mogul Don Jazzy reveals aspects of Rema that he finds appealing


Popular Nigerian music mogul Don Jazzy has revealed the aspects of his signee and colleague, Rema that he finds appealing.

According to Don Jazzy, Rema possesses many talents, a clear vision, and always strives to be unique.

Additionally, Don Jazzy notes that Rema is very respectful despite his success.

“One ke? There are plenty things. One, his vision is clear, he knows what he Wants he knows how he sees himself and how to get there. He vision is very clear, some artists don’t have vision.

“Two, he is very respectful. Umm three, he is a master of his craft. Four, he doesn’t conform to anybody’s opinion, if they say they want to go like this, he will go like that.

“He talents, he wants to be unique. He is me like, in the sense that he doesn’t have an atom of hate in him, everybody can succeed together”. He said.

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