I’m still a v!rgin at 33-year-old – Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko declares


In a recent statement, popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko discloses that she is still a v!irgin at 33-year-old.

During an interview with OakTv, the actress was asked about her body counts.

In response, Destiny Etiko said, “I am still a v!rgin because of my crippling social anxiety, … I still have not had a relationship that has gone to “that level.”

The curvy Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko urged individuals using social media to live false lives to stop doing so.

The actress claims that those living false lifestyles unintentionally drive their destinies’ aides away since everyone assumes that they are at ease.

“If you know you are managing your life, even if you are not managing your life there is no need to come unto social media and rant. You are this you are that, I own this I own that. You do not know when you are chasing your destiny helper. Don’t come and be saying you have what you do not have. You do this you do that. It doesn’t pay.

“Why I’m saying this is. Me wey get money, you fit see me I go tell you say, my sister u dey manage. You sef fit think say ah nawa oh. I been think say this person get that kind money sef but she’s managing. If I get any link, I go link am. Stop living fake lives.”

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See reactions below;

fhavour_agueze:Destiny wey we sabi her story for New Haven Enugu.

call_me_auntyarike: You no fit sha 🙂you nah lie Mohammed person 👏🔥🙌.

sungwho12: That jokes is on you 😂.

bed_ford001: agree go to court 😂😂.

chikerebernard: Destiny reminds me of my Grandmother, who died as a V!rgin 😢.

realchinnynnaji: lol 😂. She just dey play 😂.

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