Wizkid Has No Solo Hit Song Since ‘Ayo’ Album – Podcaster Claims


A podcaster has claimed that popular Nigerian music star Wizkid has no solo hit song since his second studio album ‘Ayo’.

In a new trending video on Twitter, a podcaster opines that Wizkid’s hit songs since he dropped his second critically acclaimed album ‘Ayo’ have been collaborations with other artists.

He said that Wizkid has failed to produce an individual (solo) hit song, although he has released successful hit collaborations.

He compares Wizkid to American rapper Jay Z as artists with no solo bangers in a long time.

Watch the video below:

Jay-z has no bangers, just like Wizkid. pic.twitter.com/GkOdmE6U0X

— CITTG! (@Chaargeit) March 10, 2023

Twitter users have reacted to this trending podcast video with different opinions.

See some comments below:

Immediately I saw the way his mouth was positioned I knew this one wants to say rubbish https://t.co/GkPhQwaO5S pic.twitter.com/6h7PiTZtm5

— Jay (@jay_da_dawg) March 11, 2023

I'm watching this again and let's be honest, he didn't cap. Wizkid really hasn't had a SOLO hit since Ayo nau. Why una dey cry? This "SOLO" dey always give these nigg@s ptsd https://t.co/QCxeqDot7W

— The First Of His Kind (@_Doziem) March 11, 2023

This man didn’t lie. https://t.co/2XZcaN2F9o

— Kamal (@BigKamal_) March 11, 2023

bro conveniently forgot fever, joro, daddy yo, reckless, no stress

and these are just off my head https://t.co/SsUW7LmrUx

— & (@jesuslovesmefr) March 10, 2023

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