I’m begging you, come & take ur child – Kenyan side chick weeps profusely after Cubana Chiefpriest denies the newborn baby (Video)

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Cubana Chiefpriest alleged side-chick in recent videos weeps profusely after the celebrity barman denies the newborn baby.

Earlier today, controversial Instagram blogger Gistlover, called him out for having a child from an extra-marital affair.

The blogger shared the messages sent by the Kenyan side chick claiming that Cubana Chiefpriest told her to keep the pregnant and after she welcomed the child, he blocked her as well as her friend and referred to the child as bastard.

Cubana Chiefpriest, a married man blessed with two children debunked the rumours on Sunday on his Instagram story.

He wrote, “I’m so rich that if I have a child outside my marital bliss, no one will ever know about it. Gistlovoer feels I can pay him/her for blackmail that’s so funny, me of all people. Oba without palace. If e sure for you, pay for the logistics for the DNA with your money, I go run am. If the baby is mine, I will double your expenses. If you can’t afford to pay, show yourself and I will spend my money to do it.”

He added, “It’s a huge disrespect to me to say my child was born in Kenya of all places. God forbid. I assemble my babies in Nigeria and make them in America. I’m too detailed to do such low key.”

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