Singer Portable laments after fans spray him fake money in a show


Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable has again make headline on social media as he lamented bitterly after being sprayed dummy currency at a recent event.

The self acclaimed IKA of Africa made it revelation on his official Instagram page. He vowed to have his own central Bank and a money making machine.

Portable shared videos of himself online with the fake currencies he was sprayed at a show.

The fast rising singer faulted the government for his misfortunes. He placed heavy cuss words on the country’s leadership.

In the post, Portable noted that he would own a central bank ‘Central Bank of ZEH NATION’ and a money making machine.

He captioned, “Igboro tii daru oooo use your last card buy kala🔫…..Central Bank of ZEH NATION loading………….money making machine ☠️ Bizza Bizza IKA OF AFRICA Wuwa IKA Se IKA Ko Travel… Ilu Ti Le ooo Wahala Wahala Wahala”.

Watch the video below:

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