Netizens reacts as Singer Portable climbs a filling station to perform to his fans


Controversial Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola professionally known as Portable has once again raised many eyebrows as he becomes the first artiste in the country to perform inside a filling station.

In the video that surfaced online, Portable climbs atop filling station to perform for fans and by extension dished out classic performance.

Portable, the “Apostle” crooner who is well know for trending for the wrong reasons decided to serenade fans who had gathered to watch him.

In the video making the rounds online, Portable was seen climbing a diesel dispenser.

When he got to the top and regained his balance, he swiftly switched to his exuberant self and began performing on the machine.

See how netizens react to the video of Portable who climbs atop filling station to perform for fans below;

gylliananthonette: Portable is in his own world …you can’t just dislike him😂😂😂😂😂.

fashion_magicblog: He knows how to stay relevant and he is not forcing it ,it comes naturally..Lol.

tiny__laide: We should be grateful we have portable in this country at this time of trial in Nigeria atleast person go fit see something Dey smile 😀☺️.

priscillia_oluchi_: Portable’s manage deserve extra pay to be honest. This is more like babysitting!

notinyourimagination: Everything na stage for portable …. Even if it was staged baba go still perform put.

chioma4eva: One thing you can never take away from him is his determination to succeed against all odds, his focus on the ball regardless of whose leg has the ball and his understanding of the street with the use of his street charisma and tools in his toolbox to stay relevant and cashing out with such relevancy knowing that attention is currency. Like him or dislike him, he surely understands the game and knows how to play it to his advantages and yes he makes mistakes but he quickly converts it to his advantage and that makes him a maverick. Its obvious he is well prepared prior to the limelight and while tongues are castigating his pattern of boldness and fearlessness he understands that therein lies his strength and stuck to it and its working well for him and to think that he has gone through the most dehumanizing experience of ones bodily exposure and here he is soaring higher leaves much to understand about life. To each is his….biko Portable be careful up there so you dont fall or hurt yourself.

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