How do I get website traffic quickly?

 How I Got 1,325,223 Views on My Website?

Here are my best tactics:

1. Content Distribution:

It is my best growth hack strategy. You can create one piece of content and spread it all over the internet to get the maximum exposure. I call this strategy the Traffic Explosion Method. Example:

I create a YouTube Video around a specific topic, then when published on YouTube, I add it to this tunnel:

YouTube Video ➡️ Blog Article ➡️ Medium Article ➡️Social Media Posts ➡️Quora Space Post ➡️ Forum Posts.

2. Side Projects

Starting a side project like a tool website is one of the best things you can ever make! I always try to create side projects, and their growth effect is really tremendous if done correctly. for example, i run multiple side projects like seoanalyzer, largefilesender, fastdomainer and more.

You can buy a tool site from Codecanyon and white-label it. Or maybe develop your own tool from scratch. It depends on your niche and your creativity!

💡 Tip: You can host the tool on a subdomain to increase backlinks and signals to your primary domain.

3. Resources and Studies

Created Valuable Resources and Data Studies are Super Important. It will help you get a huge presence and many backlinks.

Think about creating a checklist, a case study, maybe documenting yourself doing something, or even collecting and organizing data.

For example, I created an SEO Checklist, and I used to collect and build an email list as a lead magnet, and at the same time, each item in the checklist is linked back to my website for more details.

4. Google Search Traffic

let me share with you 3 power tips that will change the SEO game!

1. Competitor Keywords By Traffic: Create a list of your competitors, and use tools like Ubbersuggest, Spyfu, or any similar tool to find low competitive keywords that your competitors are ranking for, and you can break them easily.

2. Frase Content Analysis: Frase has a content analysis tool where it gives you a detailed report based on your google search console data; this report helps you find easy-to-win keywords

3. Backlinkers: If you want to build backlinks the right way, start by creating a list of potential websites that might link to you, then see the best piece of content you can make for those websites.

So find backlinkers first! It will be easier to reach out and give them exactly what they need. 

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