"Am use to threat", Mr macaroni replies death threat from an unknown source


Nigerian comedian and skit maker Mr Macaroni have continued to be vocal about everything revolving around elections and other issues in Nigeria. And for this reason, the activist has continued to amass many haters and enemies.

Macaroni took to his Instagram page to reply user who threatened his life. In his response, he belittled the unknown user, informing him that he had a long record of threats from people with timbre and calibre and even their children.

While the user sent the message via mail, he wrote: Omo ale Yoruba. You have been watched around Lekki and the environs. If you survive this year, then thank whatsoever god you are worshipping.

The YouTuber also responded, stating that many people have offered to buy his loyalty, but he has refused due to his love for his nation and the hope to kill corruption and injustice in the country.

He said: I am already used to threats! I have a record of all threats I have received, I also have recorded calls and messages of powerful politicians and their children that have ever reached out to me!!! I always said No! Because as long as I still Dey, there shall be NO COMPROMISE! 

Mr Macaroni among others, have been very active on social media and physically in the 2023 presidential elections.

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