Nigerian promoter DKings accused Wizkid of always looking at him in a Malicious Manner

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Grammy-winning musician Ayodeji Balogun, as Wizkid, has come under fire from Nigerian concert promoter DKings for allegedly harboring contempt for him.

He claimed that whenever Wizkid runs across him at a gathering or in a public area, the singer invariably casts him a malicious glance.

DKings made an effort to back up his assertion by posting a video of himself and the Starboy relaxing in separate areas of the same nightclub.

him “bad eyes” and that he is unsure of the reason why the musician objects to him.

The promoter tagged Wizkid in a post and pleaded with the “Essence” singer to let go of whatever grudges he might have towards him.

Posting the clip, DKings wrote: “What all this now, anytime you see me anywhere you look at me with bad eyes why? If there is anything that happens b4 let it pass away new things become @wizkidayo you remember then I do call you speeding legend cause I know your fame and anything you do move with speed.

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