"is he really gay", Reactions trails as Actor Alex Ekubo was spotted with his best friend Ik Ogbonna having fun time together


Mixed reactions have started trailing a recent video of actor Alexx Ekubo and his bestie, IK Ogbonna having great time together.

Alexx Ekobo and his estranged ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu took over social media with their relationship scandal after the messy breakup.

Fancy Acholonu has made several revelations about her relationship and breakup with actor Alexx Ekubo. Amongst the revelations made by Fancy, the most dominant one that caused mixed reactions on social media was the revelation about their intimate life.

Fancy Acholonu disclosed in an interview with Stella Korkus that she never got intimate with Alexx Ekubo during their 5 years of dating. She also revealed that Alex asked her to sleep with men outside of their relationship to satisfy her sxxual desires.

Amidst the brouhaha and the online dragging, Alexx Ekubo has maintained his silence leaving social media users to wonder about the truth in the whole drama.

In a recent video, Alexx Ekubo has been spotted with his friend IK Ogbonna having mad fun as IK Ogbonna was seen jumping on Alexx Ekubo’s back “playing together” on a movie set.

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