In what way is Tesla truly better than other electric vehicle manufacturers

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Is Tesla truly better than other electric vehicle manufacturers when it comes to technology, innovation, and overall performance, or is it just a matter of brand perception and marketing?

Is Tesla Better?

It depends on what you want and need for your circumstances. And maybe on where you live.

If you live in a cold area and want an EV that loses less range in the cold—and has better battery insulation—and is designed very similar to gasoline cars in terms of interior and control design—I hear that Porsche is making some great ones now for the EU market. I think it is still a bit hard to get these in the US—there may be a significant wait.

I have a friend in Norway who is very happy with his new Porsche EV. From what I can see, The Porsche battery appears to stay warm for longer than the one in his Tesla Model X.

Personally, in the USA, I want and need the things that Teslas provide. I travel in 38 US states for work. Here is what I need:

—The Tesla Supercharger network is the only reliable one in the US right now. I could not do all the roadtrips I do without it. Europe and China have better charging networks for non-Teslas—from what I hear.

—The Autopilot. I will never buy another car without a good autopilot—much safer, much better for long distance driving. I prefer Teslas systems here over others I have driven.

Good NAV systems. Tesla has them. Porsche has them. They are getting better in other brands.

—The Tesla phone interconnection and sound system is critical for me, as I need to talk on the phone periodically from my car—while driving where that is safe and legal. And while parked—I often do meetings in my parked car. I also sometimes watch a movie in the car when away from home, while working on other things—this costs me nothing and beats the hotel or a theater. And I do like to have hi-fi music while driving. And very clear phone reception.

The seats—I need seats that are comfortable for driving at least 8 hours, and sometimes longer in a day. The Tesla seats are the most comfortable for me. I find that I could drive 6 hours in my Ford F-250, 8 in my Subaru Baja, and I can do 14 hours in a tesla without muscle fatigue or joint pain. Of course, I stop about every 2 hours to walk and stretch for health and alertness. But the seats and configuration of the Tesla cabin make driving long hours safer and more comfortable for me.

Tesla Destination Chargers—240VAC. Many hotels I like have Tesla Destination Chargers. Few have slow chargers for other Brands of EVs. Ryan points out that adapters fix this for most situations—see his comment below.

The screen, UI, and available apps. I use the screen for work when away from the home office. I can even do zoom meetings on it now. And it can use my hotspot or my phone if the Tesla internet is not strong where I am. I recently did an important zoom meeting from the side of the road. The Tesla is my OFFICE when I am not in the home or factory office. I take it with me wherever I go. I always have the things packed that I need on a trip—always—in the front trunk and subtrunk. When driving colleagues around—I do not have to take things out of these areas to create more room. The regular trunk can still be fully empty when I am fully packed for a trip.

So—My situation is very unique—and I bet yours is too.

Some people like the Tesla for camping or because of things their kids need, or for dog mode. It depends on you.

There are plenty of good EVs now. The new Hyundais, Kias, Porsches, Ford LIghtning—all very impressive.

I have tried the others, and so far, I still prefer the Tesla designs and advantages.

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