"If you compete with me, you go broke o", Bobrisky warns Papaya Ex


Controversial self acclaimed mummy of Lagos, Bobrisky warns Papaya Ex never to compete with her or she’d risk going broke.

This comes after Papaya took to social media to show off how her man treated her on her birthday.

She had shared pictures and videos which captured a beautifully decorated suite, with red flowers strewn everywhere and some arranged on the bed to spell out her name as well as many gift packages.

Following this, Bobrisky took to his social media page to throw a massive shade at her.

According to him, he had treated himself splendidly by renting a room where he pays N180K per night in Dubai unlike the room Papaya had shown off.

She added that unlike Papaya’s boyfriend, his man wouldn’t dare give him flowers on his birthday.

The socialite warned that Papaya shouldn’t bother competing with her as they’re not on the same level.

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