Actress Just Austin reportedly casts her husband Yul edochie and her father in-law pete edochie in her new movie


Yul Edochies second wife, Judy Austin has caused a stir online after she announced a new movie project she is working on dubbed ‘The God Father’.

The Filmmaker, who was excited about the movie in production went on to list her husband Yul Edochie and his dad Pete Edochie, among the cast for the new production.

Judy wrote on her Instagram page:

“Our first production of the year!!! THE GOD FATHER!!! This movie is going to drop like an explosion!!! Packed with the best actors in the game!!!”

While she added that the movie would be massive, netizens assumed that Judy has finally been accepted by Yul’s family, while others dragged her for trying too hard to please her in-laws.

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