Which is the better country to settle permanently in, Canada or Australia?


Australia has beaches and sunshine , Canada has mountains and snow.

Having lived in both these countries, I believe I am well- qualified to answer this question. Both Oz and Canada are great countries to live or permanently settle in.

The following comparison suggests one country scores higher than the other on respective parameters; however, it does not mean the country scoring lower is a “complete failure”. It just lags behind the other one.

  1. Environment

Weather: Australia +1 , Canada 0

Aussie winters (except Tasmania) are moderate, but houses are not insulated/ heated. Aussie summers can be very hot for about a month.

Canadian winters can be brutal for about 2–3 months with temp as low as -30 in major cities. Summers are short-lived (2–3 months) but pleasant. Sometimes, the Winters are prolonged Spring season gets skipped.

Natural beauty: Australia +1, Canada +1

Australia has the best beaches, golden sand, outbacks, cliffs, wineries, limestone caves that are over a million years old.

Canada has mountains, ski resorts, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, and the fall colours.

Beaches: Australia +1, Canada 0


98% of the Australian population occupies 2% of the land, meaning the coastal/big cities have high population density while smaller towns have a space population.

Most of the Canadian population lives within a few hundred kms of US border as northern regions are super cold.

Snow: Australia +1, Canada 0 (because in Oz, if u need to see snow, you need to go to places where it snows. It does not interfere in your daily life like it does in Canada for 3–4 months of the year:-).

Edit: For few months of the year Canada is a winter wonderland, while Oz is a summers paradise.

Score: Oz (4) > Canada (1)

2. People

Diversity: Australia +1, Canada +1 (Oz: > Asians, Irish, British. & Canada> Indian-Subcontinental, Africans, Europeans)

No. of Bogans : Australia 0, Canada +1

General population’s ( High SES group) attitude towards migrants: Australia +1 , Canada +1

General population’s ( low SES group) attitude towards migrants: Australia +0 , Canada +1

Score: Oz (2) < Canada (4)

If you are not born and/or raised in either of these countries, then :

3. Migration and jobs

Ease of migration : Australia 0, Canada +1

Faster citizenship : Australia 0, Canada +1

Govt. Benefits for low earning families: Australia +1, Canada +1

Employers’ attitude towards highly educated and skilled migrant workers with local experience and references: Australia +1 , Canada +1

Employers’ attitude towards highly educated and skilled migrant workers without local experience and references: Australia +0 , Canada +0

Salaries/ Income levels: Australia +1 , Canada 0

Score: Oz (3) < Canada (4)

4. Travel

Cost of domestic flights: Australia +1, Canada 0 ( Happy travelling in Oz)

Proximity to US and Europe : Australia 0 , Canada +1

Proximity to Asia : Australia +1, Canada 0

Score: Oz (2) > Canada (1)

5. Day to day life

Coffee : Australia +1 , Canada 0

Variety of food: Australia +1, Canada 0

Australia: Middle Eastern , Mexican, Greek and Indian food is more readily available in most Australian cities and there are more upscale and mid-level restaurants for these cuisines than you can visit. Did I miss the Dome and other breakfast cafes?

Canada: Buffalo wings, beer, shawarma and mostly North American restaurants. Food scene is not as elaborate as Australia. ethnic food is not so easily available unless you are in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal.

House Rent: Australia +0 , Canada +1

Canada: Condos are insulated and kitchens are adequately furnished with gigantic refrigerators and dishwashers. There is also a dryer with a washing machine, unlike Australia where people mostly hang clothes outside for drying.

Real estate prices in major cities: Australia +0, Canada +0

Grocery shopping: Australia +1, Canada 0 (Cheaper and more variety in Oz)

Most importantly: Ginger costs $30/kg in Oz and $3/kg in Canada ;-)

Mobile phone plans: Australia +1, Canada 0 ( more gigs of data and cheap-free international calling in Oz)

Free to air TV channels : Australia +1, Canada 0

MasterChef TV Show: Australia +1, Canada 0

Netflix: Canada +1, Australia 0

Tipping culture: Australia +1, Canada 0

In Australia, all service staff ( waiters, barbers, hairdressers, cabbies, delivery guys etc. )are paid/earn decent wages and there is no expectation for tipping. Unlike Canada, they won’t hand you the card payment machines with the first page asking for tips starting at 15%–18%. Paying those tips is optional though, except in restaurants where it's unspoken’ mandatory. Yaas even for takeaways.

Score: Oz (8) > Canada (1)

6. Health and safety

Healthcare: Australia +1 , Canada 0 (Oz has parallel pvt. insurance which co-exists with the medicare that can help you jump the queue to see a specialist , or for a surgical procedure)

Safety: Australia +1, Canada +1

Score: Oz (2) > Canada (1)

Overall score: Australia (19)> Canada (13)

For higher salaries, more food options in most cities, somewhat cheaper grocery, better weather, low-cost domestic flights, beaches, occasional snow in places of attraction, cheaper phone plans, free to air TV channels-> Australia

For ease of migration, faster citizenship, less racism, proximity to the developed world (the US and Europe), insulated houses, lower rents -> Canada

7. Education :

Both countries have some of the better universities in the world.

Rest, have a look at these pics from Australia and Canada and decide for yourself:



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