Which country is better to get funds and scholarships for a master’s, Canada, Germany, Australia, the USA, or the UK?

 I have no idea which of those might be a good bet, or at least a better one. But I would not recommend the UK as a provider of cheap or free higher education; our universities are not rich establishments, and do not in the main have the spare cash to pay international students to come here. Indeed, the main motivation for most of them to offer places to international students is the money they can charge those students

That’s not to say there is no assistance. There is, but it’s not usually anything like the ‘free ride’ that most students seem to imagine it will be. Indeed, considering how expensive it is for home-grown students to study at UK universities, you can probably imagine the public outrage if it were free for foreigners, but not for students who actually live here.

You could contact the British Council in your country and ask them for advice; they don’t have money either, but they tend to know who has. But that is about as helpful and encouraging as I am able to be.

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