Mixed reactions as singer Wizkid publicly declares Rap genre Dead and Boring


Mixed reactions has trailed Afrobeats singer, Wizkid’s opinion on rap music in Nigeria.

In a recent interview, the award-winning singer declares the genre of music dead and boring.

The father of four said that he doesn’t listen to rap music because it’s “dead and boring”.

He added that rappers always follow the same method, and rap on the same beats and the same flow.

Wizkid made this known during an interview with 10 magazine, he said,

“Afrobeats is the new pop. I said two million copies in America off of one song! Even some American artists don’t have a diamond record. If I’m being honest. I don’t listen to any other genre of music anymore.

I don’t listen to rap – that shit is boring to me. It’s dead now, it’s tired. These guys do the same shit, rap on the same beats and the same flows”.

His comment on the rap industry, didn’t sit well with many as they dragged him for it.


One Ayokunle Ayoko wrote, “Rap will outlast Afrobeats. Sad Truth

One Naija Comedy wrote, “MI the king of Nigeria rap association. (NRA) is testing mic for this battle

One Elan wrote, “Coming from someone who says the same things and uses the same melody

One James Oluwa wrote, “Bc he said so doesn’t me rap is dead and boring…he should rest rather than trashing people’s work

One Matilda Oby wrote, “Lol!! That’s is opinion! Not everyone likes R & B too or Afrobeats!! While some others love rap!

One Preacher Beats wrote, “I listen to Rap and Hip Hop everyday of my life…. Hip Hop Head till I die 💯 Wizkid’s validation on Rap music is not needed! He should stick ti his Afrobeats

One Rick Smith wrote, “Mtchewwwwww…what about you don’t u sing on the same beat abs flow… Nonsense this one done vex me

One Cynthia Lopez wrote, “Mumu have audacity to say same flow and same line for ode wey don over use she say she say, nothing person no go see for this pikin hand

One Miss Arbigrl wrote, “M.I raps well with deep message in his lyrics though

One Sky boy wrote, “This one is coming from person wey dey always sing burial songs

One Praise Diamond wrote, “E be like na only portable come be rapper for Nigerian na

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