“Ivy My Ifeoma”- Paul Okoye gushes over his new lover, Ivy Ifeoma amid controversial resurfaced video

Paul Okoye of the defunct group PSquare, has taken to social media to gush over his new lover, Ivy Ifeoma. The singer who is currently promoting his new single, “Call Heaven” showed off Ivy in a series of social media posts. Paul also went on to refer to Ivy as the “most beautiful girl in the world” in one of his posts. This is coming after a controversial video resurfaced online showing Paul and his brother, Peter Okoye arguing over something.

Who is Ivy Ifeoma?

Ivy Ifeoma is the latest woman to catch the eye of Paul Okoye, one half of the Nigerian pop duo P-Square. Okoye took to his Instagram account to share a photo of himself and Ifeoma, captioning the image with a heart emoji.

This prompted many fans to wonder who Ivy Ifeoma is and what she does for a living. Here's what we know about her so far:

Ivy Ifeoma is a model from Nigeria. She has done modeling work for various brands and magazines, including Genevieve Magazine.

Ifeoma is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ivy Moda, a fashion company that sells clothes and accessories for women.

Ivy Ifeoma appears to be in her early 30s. Not much else is known about her personal life at this time.

The resurfaced video and the controversy

Ivy Ifeoma is Paul Okoye's new lover, and he has been gushing over her on social media. However, a resurfaced video from Ivy's past has caused some controversy.

In the video, Ivy can be seen making insensitive comments about people with HIV/AIDS. She has since apologized for the video, saying that she was young and ignorant at the time.

Despite the controversy, Paul Okoye remains smitten with Ivy and has praised her for her beauty and intelligence.

Paul Okoye's public declaration of love for Ivy Ifeoma

Paul Okoye, one-half of the now defunct music group P-Square, has taken to social media to declare his love for his new girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma.

This comes after a controversial video of Ivy resurfaced online, in which she allegedly said she would only date a wealthy man.

Paul took to Instagram to share a loved up photo of himself and Ivy with the caption: "Ivy my Ifeoma."

This declaration of love has since drawn mixed reactions from social media users, with some accusing Paul of being blinded by love, while others praised him for finding happiness.

Who is Paul Okoye?

Paul Okoye is a well-known Nigerian singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is a member of the now defunct music group P-Square. Paul Okoye was born on November 18, 1981, in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He is the younger brother of Peter Okoye.

In 2001, Paul and his brother Peter formed the music group P-Square. The group achieved massive success with their debut album Last Nite which was released in 2003. The album went on to sell over one million copies worldwide. P-Square has released six studio albums and have won numerous awards throughout their career including multiple MTV Africa Music Awards, Channel O Music Video Awards, World Music Awards, and BET Awards.

In 2017, Paul Okoye split from his brother Peter to pursue a solo career under the name Rude Boyz Entertainment. Since embarking on his solo career, Paul Okoye has released two singles: "Call Heaven" and "Question."

The reaction to Paul Okoye's public declaration of love

Paul Okoye, one half of the now-disbanded music duo P-Square, has declared his love for his new girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma. The declaration comes amid controversy surrounding a resurfaced video in which Paul allegedly made derogatory comments about women.

Despite the controversy, Paul took to social media to share a photo of himself and Ivy with the caption “Ivy my Ifeoma”. The couple appears to be very happy together and Paul’s fans have been quick to show their support for the new relationship.

Many people have praised Paul for being open and honest about his feelings, especially given the recent controversy. Some have even gone so far as to say that he is setting a good example for others in similar situations.

Others, however, are not so sure about Paul’s motives. Some believe that he is only declaring his love for Ivy in an attempt to distract from the negative publicity he is currently receiving. Only time will tell if this is true or not, but for now, it seems like Paul and Ivy are very much in love!


Paul Okoye is definitely smitten with his new girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma. He has been gushing over her on social media and even went as far as to call her his "IFE" in a recent post. While some people are skeptical of Paul's motives, it is clear that he is genuinely head-over-heels for Ivy. Only time will tell if this relationship is the real deal, but for now, we're just happy to see Paul happy.

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