How can I get cheaper car insurance in the UK?

Five good ways and one less advisible way to reduce insurance costs:

  1. Grow up. Older drivers are seen as being less of a risk, and usually get cheaper insurance. This is especially so after you turn 40, but less so after 70.
  2. Get a much cheaper car. Smaller, older, less powerful, less desirable, less stealable cars cost less to insure. Driving a 12-year-old small hatchback with a 900cc 3-cylinder engine might not be cool or fun, but it should be cheaper.
  3. Have yourself added as a named driver on another vehicle in your household which you might occasionally be allowed to drive. This will cost the owner/policyholder a pretty penny, but it's worth it for a close family member. After 10 years as a named, insured driver, with no claims whatsoever, your own insurance should become much cheaper. (It's then worth paying a slightly increased premium to ‘protect' the “no claims" discount.)
  4. Some insurers may give a discount for younger drivers if you allow them to fit a “black box" to monitor your driving, with the discount increasing as you prove yourself ‘acceptable' by their standards. If you can drive around with a bowl of loose eggs on the dashboard, and never break any, this might be appropriate. (I've only driven one such vehicle: Driving over a jointed bridge deck was enough to trip its ‘aggressive driving' alarm.)
  5. Join the owners' club for your vehicle marque, and insure through their members' affiliate insurance. You might have extra hoops to jump through, like arranging a special valuation by club officials, and agreeing to a reduced annual mileage.
  6. A further option, which I do NOT recommend, is to only insure the vehicle for “Third party, fire, & theft". Downside is that if you crash, you will get absolutely nothing toward your own costs - including the value of the vehicle, loss of income, etc.

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