James brown Slams Bobrisky for snubbing him at Papaya Ex party


Darkwurld earlier reported that a video making the rounds online showed James Brown and Instagram influencer, Papaya Ex dancing and having fun with Bobrisky seeming irritated.

James went on his kneel to greet Bobrisky but the visibly angry ‘Mummy of Lagos’ asked him to leave his presence immediately.

Another part of the video showed Bob still angry and holding an empty bottle which he threw backward in the direction James was standing.

The male barbie furiously stood up from his seat and walked out in anger as his friends followed him closely.

In the video, neither James Brown nor Papaya confronted him over his action, rather they seemed pleased that he was infuriated, and this made them dance even more.

James Brown Speaks

In a video recorded in a car, James expressed anger at his mentor, saying he only went to greet him because he congratulated him when he (James) bought his Range Rover.

While raining insults at Bob, James said he doesn’t have any issue with him and wondering why the controversial crossdresser snubbed him.

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