"I own everything in Portable's studio" Portable new signee Manny monie claims


Manny Monie, an artist signed to the record label of controversial singer, Portable has shared his own side of the story.

It was reported earlier that Portable shared a video of himself assaulting Manny Monie for being ungrateful as he disclosed that the signee tried to double-cross him by employing two music distributors without his knowledge.

Portable, who claimed he promoted and sponsored the signee, also accused him of being a sc@mmer.

Explaining his side of what transpired before the assault, Manny Monie said he didn’t do anything to the singer. He further explained that portable seized his phone to prevent him from letting the world know the truth.

While telling his truth, Manny Monie claimed he owns all the gadgets that Portable claims is his.

The signee added that his brother bought those gadgets for him and all hell had been let loose because he simply requested for his studio gadgets back after Portable said he needed space from people around him.

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