Music was against my parents Will, Singer Ckay says

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Award winning Nigerian singer, Chukwuka Ekweani, Popularly known as CKay has narrated how he pursued music against his parents will.

The naturally talented recording and performing Singer in a recent interview with well known music journalist, Joey Akan discussed his journey to the limelight and how he disobeyed his parents to follow music.

The former Chocolate City prodigy, best known for his monster hit, ‘Love Nwantiti’ which was released in 2019 stated that, during the start of his career, his family didn’t know better at the time, so they had opposed his choice of career.

In the interview, CKay revealed that, he had to leave his parents, who would support him do anything else but music.

His own words:

“I was a young boy from Anambra state that came to Lagos, trying to make, it in music. The fact that all this is happening a few years down the line is a dream, come true for me,” CKay said.

“The amount of work that comes with it is so crazy that, most times, I even forget that my dreams came true. I’m so busy working that, sometimes, I have to stop and tell myself this is what I’d been dreaming about. But there’s so much work to be done that there’s hardly time to digest all that.”

“I grew up in Kaduna where I left on November 3, 2014. I left because I wanted to pursue my dream of music but my parents weren’t encouraging. They had very different views on what I should be. We couldn’t come to agree. I imagined myself at the age of 40 regretting not chasing my dreams. That image didn’t look good. That’s why I left. They wanted me to do anything else but music. They understood I was a genius academically.”

“I was always a straight-A student. But I never really saw myself doing engineering. I wanted to do a job that was well paid. I knew my parents would kill me but I had to move. I did. I was saving for two months,” he added.

“I was producing and making money but not much. Like N5,000, bigger than my pocket money. I had a friend who was producing in Lagos. He had an apartment. I came. He offered to have me in his place for a while. I booked a flight. My parents didn’t know I was leaving but, if they paid attention, they would have seen the signs. As much as I was disobeying my parents, I felt they didn’t know better. So I’d just do it and show them later.”

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