Atiku's wife seeks for Nigerians support in the upcoming election


Formal vice president Atiku Abubakar the presidential candidate of all progressive party [APC] has promise to share 40% of his cabinet to women and youth 

while talking about youth and woman on national development he blamed the federal government of all progressive party for the high standard of leaving in the country.

He added that it is a shame how things are raising day by day from by diesel at the rate of N150 to N800, loaf of bread from N120 to N 1200, Dollar from N210 to 700.

His wife added that we cannot continue like this, that we should elect Abubakar as president so we can save Nigeria, we are all Nigerians so we should house to house and campaign for Atiku because we don't just need a president we need a healer.

Obi is a good man he is an upcoming president whom is young and agile, both what we need is a father figure with experience who can rescue us,"Maleya added"

she also pleaded for the support of Nigeria women and youth for their support for the upcoming election

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