A 14 Years old Lagos Teenager Stabbed his Friend to Death

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As reported from Abattoir Complex in the Agege area of Lagos State Daniel Akindele Allagely Stabbed His friend Ayo Bameke to death during a fight over food.

 According to our correnspondent Akindele and his friends including Ayo usually plays football at Abattoir Complex.

On the day of this shocking incident, it was gathered that this same group friends as usual visited the complex to football, Ayo was said to have left his friends to buy food for himself.

When he returned,  his friend Deniel who was hungry as well requested him to share the food with him.

The respondense reportedly create a serious argument resulted into a fight between Daniel and Ayo. 

During the fight  Ayo allegedly used a pair of scissors to injure Daniel in front of Harmony Abattoir Management Services Limited.

Segun Ijaola with the company of a security guard while reporting to our correnspondent, said Daniel Akindele overpowered Ayo Bameke, collected the scissors, and stabbed him in the chest.

He said, “The teenagers were four in number and between the ages of 14 and 15 years. They are always together. Around 11am on that Saturday morning, they were in front of the Harmony Abattoir Management Services Limited. One of our female workers was on her way out to get something at the slab when she saw one of the boys (Bameke) lying on the ground.

“While trying to ascertain what was wrong with the boy, she beckoned on the three friends to ask what happened. In the process, she discovered that Bameke had been stabbed in the left side of his chest with a pair of maternity scissors. Upon realising that Bameke was lying motionless on the ground, Akindele tried escaping but the woman apprehended him.

He said while responding to questions that Ayo Bameke was the one that used scissors to cut his hand before he collected the scissors and used it to stab the left side of his chest. Bameke was immediately rushed to Merit Hospital, Agege, by our company’s workers, but he was pronounced dead by the medical doctor. The corpse was taken to a mortuary.”



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