The leader INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, prophecies that Peter Obi Can’t Win But 2023 Is the Turn Of Igbo – Primate Ayodeles


Primate Ayodele, who said Labour Party, LP, presidential candidate, Peter Obi can’t win in 2023, added that the future generations of the Igbos would suffer if they fail to produce Nigeria’s President in 2023.

The clergyman stated this while speaking with journalists in his church on Saturday, in Lagos.

“2023 is the turn of the Igbos not even Yoruba, and if they miss it now, their great-grandchildren will be angry with them. Peter Obi can only make effort but won’t win,” he said.

The clergyman also pointed out that the candidate who could have won the presidency for Igbos was not given the ticket.

This not withstanding, Ayodele urged Igbos to realign ahead of 2027 if they miss it in 2023.

“The person who could have won the 2023 presidential election for the Igbos was not given the ticket, so the Igbos should go back and realign ahead of 2027.

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