A Computer engineer seeks for N12m for kidney transplant


An embattled family in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State has said that their 34- oyear-old computer engineer son, Akinwale Daramola, is in dire need of financial support from well-meaning and spirited Nigerians, corporate organisations and governments to stay alive.

The family said that Daramola, who is suffering from End Stage Kidney disease and has been on treatment since July 27, 2021, needs an urgent kidney transplant, which is estimated to cost between N9 million and N12 million in Nigeria.

According to the consultant-in-charge at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti Renal Unit, Dr Omotola Obajolowo, “Daramola is being managed for End State Kidney disease and has been on maintenance intermittent hemodialysis three times weekly among other care.

“His adherence to care has been poor due to financial constraints. The family has asked us to write detailing the cost of care for the purpose of soliciting funds for support. The definitive care is renal transplantation which costs between N9 – N12 million in Nigeria.”

The medical consultant stated that “in the interval, the patient needs to continue care (including three sessions of dialysis per week). The total cost of care per month is estimated to be N581,000 pending transplantation”.

“Any assistance that any well-meaning individual and corporate organisations can render would go a long way to assuage his total condition,” the expert said.

The patient’s wife, Olumuyiwa Daramola, said, “Please save my husband from dying. We need financial support to save his life. Initially, we thought that the kidney would pick up again with regular dialysis, but not until when we were told that the kidney had packed up and that he needs a kidney transplant.

“Before the ailment, he was a computer engineer and also selling phones and laptop accessories at Fayose Market, Ado Ekiti and as well Oye Ekiti. We had sold the remaining goods to cater for the treatment. It was after this that we resorted to begging family and friends to save his life.

“Well-meaning Nigerians, bodies, organisations and governments can support us through his bank account, with the detail below:
Daramola Akinwale Vincent
United Bank of Africa (UBA), 2066805753.”

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