Josh2funny has cleared the air and let his fans know that his very serious outside skit making

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 Skit maker, Josh Alfred, aka Josh2funny, says that contrary to what some people think, he is a very serious person when he is not shooting skits to make people laugh.

Alfred, who recently welcomed his first child, told Sunday Scoop, “I am (a) very serious (person). Even my videos that make people laugh, I am usually very serious when making them. I don’t even smile while making them. I think one of the reasons people see me as someone who is never serious is because I paint the picture of being an unserious person so well to make people happy. In real life, I am a very gentle person. I rarely talk when I am not in my (comfort) zone.”

The skit maker also stated that he was willing to sacrifice anything humanly possible for the sake of his child. He said, “I will sacrifice everything for my child. I will do anything I can that is humanly possible, because I think my child deserves it. It is a different, beautiful and wonderful experience to know that one has ‘created’ a person.”

He also said, “I don’t think there is anything I need to change about myself now that I am a father. I have always lived my life like I have children. Perhaps, in the future, there may be some things to improve on.”

On what he does to stand out among his peers, he said, “I am always myself. I have succeeded in creating so many characters for my skits. That is actually my strong point. That is why I stand out and have been consistent over the years.

“I am currently working on the seventh season of my YouTube series, The Audition.”

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